To: Founders

From: Zack Hargett

My life’s work is to help founders win. It’s what I did at Loom (acq for $975 million) and what I plan to do for the rest of my life.

At Early, we help you win through design, growth, and capital. We write small checks; often after helping founders hands-on.

Our thesis is simple:

Niche behaviors make category-defining companies

Loom came from an observation of people using QuickTime and YouTube to make and share quick videos. Airbnb was “Couchsurfing .com with payments.” Before OnlyFans, nsfw creators used Snapchat and Venmo. Twitch came from observing Justin tv streams. Slack started as a quirky internal tool.

By observing a high-friction niche behavior, we can build a category-defining company by reducing friction.

Maniacal founders get it done

We work with forces of nature that bend the world to their will.

I first saw this at Yik Yak and, later, at Loom. Vinay was so intense it made most people uncomfortable. Joe and Shahed would reply to messages through the wee hours of the morning. All were great at prioritizing, driving results, and putting the ball through the damn hoop. This is the DNA of a great founder.

We’re still early

We don’t rush into a market or company. While the narrative is often it’s too late or the window has passed, we disagree. Movements happen over decades, not years.

If that resonates, we’d love to talk.

We’re Early; and we’re here to help you win. •